Monday, January 16, 2012

Finished coat and more!

I haven't posted for a over a week, but I have been sewing. I finished my daughter's coat this week. She plans to pick it up tonight.  I drafted the coat myself after she saw this beauty in a magazine. While hers is not exactly the same, it pleases us.  I hope she's going to enjoy it!

 This weekend, I also made some birthday bags for my students. I teach fifth grade and give each of my darlings a goody bag with a bit of this and that. They are always so pleased that I made them something. I use designs from my Brother 1500D or that I find online.  Here are the latest.

I made this skirt for myself which I had cut out over the Christmas break. It fits!  I'm planning to wear it to school tomorrow with a sweater that I knit.

My Transverse Cardigan is around three-quarters done, so it's coming along nicely.

I finished Old World Murders and started the sequel, The Heirloom Murders. They are not great literature, but they are wonderful, relaxing mysteries with a strong set of characters.

Tomorrow it's back to school, but I plan to cut our the dark read jeans I mentioned in a previous post and knit some more before this day is over.

Happy sewing!

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