Saturday, February 4, 2012

Not much progress

I've had a slow week.  On Tuesday, I had what appears to be a migraine. Then I spent Wednesday afternoon at the doctor and the pharmacy.  I also had a sinus infection, etc., so antibiotics were needed. I'm amazed how much better I felt after just one day on medicine.

I started two knitting projects this week.  First, I started a Baby Surprise Jacket in some stash yarn. I know it's cotton, but I'm not sure what brand it is. I have some light blue and white in the same thing, so I can use those to add some stripes and to be sure I have enough to finish.

Yesterday, I exchanged the leftovers from my Transverse Cardigan for some Rowan Cashsoft DKeis  in a lovely deep red. When I got home, I cast on 160 stitches to make a medium Honey Cowl. After reading, Kay's many posts about her many cowls, I was inspired to try one. Plus, I love to have something around my neck for both warmth and looks. This yarn is buttery soft!

This afternoon,  I but the finishing touches on my red jeans. I want to wash them before I wear them, but I'll try to get pictures soon. I also put this cute design on a hand towel. Tomorrow my plan is to cut out the sweater dress and maybe my daughter's color block dress, too. Now that I feel better, I'm itching to do  to more! 

Let me recommend The Invention of  Hugo Cabret, a wonderful read with fascinating historic details. My husband and I were quite taken with the automatons and checked out video on the web. Now he's moved the film version, Hugo, to the top of our Netflix queue.

I'll try to add lots of pictures tomorrow, but I wanted to get something up at least. 

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